Why Sum Sanos™?

Sum Sanos™ is a ‘DISRUPTER’ in the Health and Wellness Industry!

Sum Sanos™ is a breakthrough and first to market sustainable weight management and wellness program.  The benefits and outcomes from which have been shown to go way beyond weight-loss.


Delivered through a scientifically based program, Sum Sanos incorporates the latest evidence-based science and rigorous research on HBI-Habit Based Interventions. 

Our Medical Director Dr. Gina Cleo Ph.D., M.Nutr.Diet (Hons), and Research Fellow at the Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice, at Bond University, is currently conducting a second and global round of research and recently received a generous Commonwealth grant to assist with her ongoing research to prove emphatically that Habit-Based Intervention is a reliable way to lose weight long-term and achieve lifelong wellness. This research is registered with ANZCTR.

We offer several delivery options in the form of individual or group sessions, delivered in person, over the phone, or via Zoom or your preferred video link. 


Choose between a 90 day Fast Start o12-month Life Transformation program.

Sum Sanos™ incorporates sound psychological principles to help clients:-

  • meet the challenge of change,

  • build their emotional competencies and

  • arm them with the tools to transform their life…. forever.

The integration of these two substantial methodologies is what makes Sum Sanos™ successful.

The research that forms the basis of Sum Sanos™ has gained and continues to gain, worldwide attention by the media, and importantly, of academics, medics, epidemiologists and other health professionals.

The researcher and Sum Sanos™ Academic Director, Dr Gina Cleo has presented her research all around the world, at some of the most significant medical and health conferences, in front of thousands of delegates.

Sum Sanos™ is not a restrictive diet or an exercise regimen; we don’t ask you to subscribe to pills, potions or shakes! 

The methodologies within the personal coaching program can be applied to any area of life to achieve a lifelong transformation and optimal physical, mental and emotional health.

Want to know more?

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* In 2007 the ANZCTR was one of the first three trial registries to be recognised by the World Health Organization International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (WHO ICTRP) as a Primary Registry.