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Hello! I'm excited to find out what brought you here! 


I am a Senior Habit Change Coach and Meraki Mindset Practitioner. I work with crazy busy and worn-out women wanting to regain a sense of control, meaning, and purpose in their lives and those wanting to boost their intimate relationships and rediscover their mojo.

With over 30 years in corporate marketing, sponsorship, and international event management, leading multidisciplinary teams across two continents, all whilst juggling 2 marriages( & yes 2 divorces), 3 children, 6 stepchildren, a huge extended family, and a catastrophically failed business, I know all about surviving and thriving under pressure!

I learned from my father, a multi-world motorcycling champion, the results of a powerful habit of visualisation, passion for what you do, and tenacity. His amazing success story also comes with an amazing support story; provided by my mother, whose intuitive wisdom and positive mindset mantras are still the inspiration and powerhouse of our extended family around the world.

All that wonderful personal growth expanding life experience has come together in Meraki Mindset: a suite of personalised life transformational programs to help you first define your purpose, then practice the power of your mindset, harness and hone your habits and learn to overcome your fears, beat the overwhelm and rediscover your mojo and ultimately your best you!

Outside of my passion for coaching and mentoring women, I love pottering in the garden, especially tasting the fruits ( or veggies ) of my efforts, splashing in the ocean, but only up to my knees! Cuddles with my two magical grandchildren, music, and dancing (or, according to my partner, what I do is called 'bopping').😉

It took a while to work out why I've found myself coaching and mentoring so often over the years, essentially its because I love seeing lights go on for people and seeing them grow and thrive, so my love of coaching might be a little selfish, and I think it is summed up in a card given to me by one of my mentees years ago, which I've kept at my workstation wherever that might have been, ever since, it reads:

"When we seek to discover the best in others, it somehow brings out the best in ourselves".

Helping you to be Your Best You - is what drives and rewards me, and I can't wait to hear your story.