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Go from Chaos to Calm, Worn out to Wonderful ...
even Listless to Loved Up!


You’ll discover your deepest Why, prioritise your What and then get on top of the How!!


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Are you feeling overwhelmed or just plain worn out?


Is your 'woulda, coulda, shoulda' list never ending?

Are you struggling to stay 'on top' of things?


What's Keeping You Awake at Night?


Broken sleep is proven to have a detrimental effect on your wellbeing.

Where in your world or who in your life is paying the price?


How's your MOJO?

How's your energy for life?

Are you keeping company with 'cant be bothered' a lot?

Have you got lingerie that never comes out of the drawer;)

Our easy to follow step by step program will have you back on top in less than 90 days!

Harness Your Habits is a unique and personalised life transformational program to help you first dig deep to define your purpose, your why and what to work on, then practice a new mindset to harness and hone your daily habits, overcome your fears, beat the overwhelm and rediscover your best you!


Using evidence-based Habit Change methodology blended with Positive Quotient (PQ) and sound psychological principles Julie will be with you every step of the way delivering the 12-week program with Meraki and holding space for you whilst you learn how to Harness Your Habits 💕

Personalised Program

Secure online access to all your resources 


Weekly Coaching


Your 12 week Harness Your Habits course is jam packed with personalised modules you can access anywhere anytime online. Weekly coaching and accountability calls are scheduled to fit in with your lifestyle.  Julie offers you a safe and supportive place to reflect, resolve and reset your life. She will hold space for you and keep you on track to ensure you tick off those 'woulda, coulda, shouldas', and reclaim your mojo!


Yes - I want to find out more!

A beautiful blend of evidence based Habit Change Intervention science and practical positive mindset tools, tips and tricks, is guaranteed to help you rediscover the joy in your life, learn how to keep things in perspective and ultimately sleep well at night!

Harness Your Habits unfolds through a range of modules at a pace that helps move you towards where you want to go in a gentle, encouraging, empowering and critically- sustainable manner. 

               Whatever it is that you're craving or missing in your life ... you CAN have it!

One of the most common features of our client testimonials is how they've come to apply the principles they've learned during their 90 days, over and over again in other areas of their life and what a positive impact its having on their relationships - especially those 'intimate' ones! ;)

The hardest part is often that first step!

We start with an in depth ‘Dig and Discover’ session where we discover your why…what your deepest desires or needs are now, what does the wheel of your life look like, and how would you rather you showed up in it?

Then we steadily and mindfully take it one step at a time, identifying, changing and sustaining your new habits…before celebrating with a big review session for you to reflect and reset The New You!