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All the features and benefits of my personal 1:1 program ...with the added bonus of an instant group of cheerleaders on board to ride with you!


You can even get started NOW with immediate access to Module 1 and the Wheel of Your Life exercise!


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Harness OUR Habits Group is a life transformational program to help you first define your why, your purpose and your what to work on. We’ll work out a strategy for how best to work this into, around, or to change your lifestyle and dive in!

Enjoy lifetime Online access to all your program materials and resources via your secure and unique Meraki Mindset login (which will be emailed directly as soon as payment is received)


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Face-to-face group coaching session every week. (Max 10 members per group)

Lifetime access to extensive program materials and resources, designed around proven - evidence-based methodology

The program delivers positive psychology and habit change intervention techniques and tools proven to help you reach and critically - sustain your goals.


Each week for 12 weeks we will meet online via Zoom Meetings, we'll discuss the concepts and exercises and work through any queries or observations... Unlike any other coaching program out there - you will also be invited to use Messenger, text, or call your coach for a 5-minute pep-up, in between sessions!


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Revitalised and ‘on top’, of whatever is on your list, you will also be able to recognise and work out how to apply the principles and skills you have learned to all areas of your life…for long-lasting and sustainable beneficial outcomes for you, your family, your team or your community!

 Over the course of 12 weeks, we'll cover topics such as:- Goal setting,  identifying habits and micro habits, breaking old and implementing new habits, mastering your mindset, implementation strategies, tools and techniques to stay on track,  accepting your reality, conforming and the challenge of change, emotional responses, setbacks and mindfulness, layering, chunking and nudging and of course Celebrating!