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Meraki Mindset  Flagship Programs

Coming soon: Tame Your Habits - Our self-paced online program - in response to all you ladies who just can't wait to tame your habits and want to go it alone!  ETA March 29th!

Harness Your Habits 

A supercharged 12-week program. 

Includes the same psychology-based habit change methodology and Merki Mindset tools as the Your Best You (our 12 month Life Transformation Program below), but delivered in a condensed style.

We start with an in-depth 90-minute Dig & Discover session to set us up for 10 weekly 30- 40 minutes sessions 

Then we celebrate with a 60-minute reflect and reset! ..

Plus your own personalised program resources in pdf ...


Two options: 

  • Just you and me or 

  • In a group of up to 10 new friends on the same page!

The next group program starts on March 29th

Your Best You - Life Transformation

Transform your life in 12 months! Learn to 'W.A.I.T." & Make It Happen! Discover habits and positive personal techniques for overcoming procrastination, reducing stress, sustainable wellness, self-care, long-term weight management, and much more. 

  • Personalised 1:1 coaching each month for 12 months, 12 in-depth monthly sessions with weekly catchup/accountability calls, and...

  • Your extensive and personal Project Your Best You action plan.

  • The program delivers positive psychology and habit change intervention-based tools proven to help you reach and sustain your goals, all wrapped in Meraki Mindset.


Sustainable self -care, wellness and weight loss for individuals, pairs or groups


All programs can be presented to individuals, in pairs or to groups, and are delivered in-person, one-to-one over the phone or 'face-to-face' via your preferred video platform.


For many, the opportunity to participate in a discreet and personalised self-care coaching program has added appeal:-

  • If its weight loss you want to achieve, rest assured there are no public meetings to attend; no 'weigh-ins' and no need to buy specified (and often expensive) products from us.

  • There are no restrictive diets requiring you to 'undereat' and no pills, supplements or rigorous exercise regimens.

Corporate Program


Corporate Wellness programs are designed to suit your specific concerns or group goals. Rates and registration fees are based on numbers attending and the method of delivery.


Let's talk and tailor a program to fit your team!

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