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Have you got a habit or habits that you know are not serving you well that you want to ditch?            Or have you got one or two new habits you'd like to introduce into your life? 

You might think of them as behaviours, and I'm guessing you've tried fixing them already ...

Habit Change Intervention Methodology is proven to create habits that are sustainable, which means we don't give up until the new behaviour is so embedded in your routine that

a) You don't notice or have to think about doing it anymore and

b) You do notice or something feels odd when you don't do it and

c) If it is interrupted or the routine or situation in which it occurs changes for some reason - you return to it without having to call on your willpower!

... i.e. Your new sustainable habit has become such a routine part of your life ... its a bit like getting in the car and driving ... you can be 500m down the road before you realise you've put on your seat belt, manoeuvred gears, indicators, brakes and steering, negotiated traffic and stop signs and you didn't really give it much thought at all!  That's a habit at its highest level of automaticity!  

Getting there is a simple step-by step process. It's not necessarily a quick fix but it will be sustainable - so you won't have to keep going back and starting again ... Once your habits have that level of automaticity - it's almost a case of set and forget ... freeing you up to enjoy the growth that is possible from taking control of your own habits and behaviours and using the formula over and over again; applying it as the new you wherever in your life you want to. Habit Change is not about intensity and boomerang results, it's about lifelong sustainability.

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"Habit Change is a disrupter in the personal development space."

Studies have shown that Habit Change Intervention methodologies can be applied to a whole range of personal development concerns as well as health & well-being-related goals.

It even works for weight loss!

Delivered using the scientifically based principles of identifying and working on a few micro habits associated with the desired outcomes at a time,  rather than a 'broad brush' or sweeping approach to 'behaviours', leads to strong habit formation and sustainable implementation of change. 

Clients often go on to use their newly learned skills and the step-by-step process to make changes in all areas of their life...

Dr. Gina Cleo Ph.D., M.Nutr.Diet (Hons), and the Founder of the Australian-based Habit Change Institute has a history of conducting groundbreaking and robust peer-reviewed research. 

In her words; "So much of your everyday life is dictated by your habits; in fact, nearly half of everything you do is habitual. So, if you want to improve your life, you have to know how to change your habits effectively."

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