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Whatever it is you have been putting off, struggling with, or want to change or do better in your life, you can do it! 
Using the latest evidence-based Habit Change science Julie shares proven tips and resources to help you reverse the inertia and start living life as Your Best You!
  • Learn how to work out your why, what, and when to work on. 
  • Learn how to implement  'WAIT' and still make things happen! 
  • Learn how to Master Your Mindset, get out of your own way and discover Your Best You.
  • Lose weight and keep it off - forever!
You can stop procrastinating and become purposeful, less stressed, and productive!

Meet Julie

I was raised to believe in goal setting, visualisation, and having the will to win-whatever the goal.


My father was a multiple World Champion motorcyclist, and so I’ve seen first-hand the benefits and positive results of this mindset.


Of course, it wasn’t always easy, and there were many setbacks along the way, but at the core of it was a picture in his mind of what he wanted to achieve and how he wanted his life to roll out.


We all have that picture, of how we’d like our lives to be, but it takes a great deal of commitment and a reasonable helping of encouragement and support to get there!


This goes for all areas of our lives: family, professional, creative, community, you name it, but perhaps the most critical of all is our sense of self and self-belief.

I’ve enjoyed my own success, leading and coaching teams in a diverse range of industries including substantial health-related not-for-profits and multinational entertainment and event venues.

My trademark method has always been to consult extensively with my client, to identify their goals or needs; in other words, ‘start with the end in mind’.

Success was achieved by adopting a detailed approach to process and importantly mentoring and nurturing my teams along the way to deliver on those desired outcomes.

My own study and training as a personal coach will be lifelong, and as a Senior Habit Change Practitioner, I now enjoy designing personalised programs to help both individuals and teams achieve specific goals and become Your Best You - that's you, your family, your team or your community!


I am also excited and proud to be part of the groundbreaking “diet industry disrupter” that is Sum Sanos™ ensuring evidence-based statistically significant and clinically beneficial results that are sustained and continue to be maintained years later.

I love seeing lights go on for others, not only the joy it gives them to reach their goals, discover how it lifts their energy and presence, but also how ultimately it positively affects those around them.


Years ago, I was given a card by one of my team, which I’ve kept at my workstation, it reads: - “When we seek to discover the best in others it somehow brings out the best in ourselves”. 


Helping you to be Your Best You - is what drives and rewards me! I can’t wait to hear your story.


About Your Best You & Sum Sanos™

'W.A.I.T." & Make It Happen and the Sum SanosTM Life Transformation Program

Both programs offer a structured 12-month program with monthly 1-hour coaching sessions and weekly ‘accountability’ calls in between.  and include your own comprehensive personal program guide.

You can stop procrastinating and become purposeful! 
Let's Reverse the Inertia!
“The value of Sum Sanos™ is in the statistically significant and clinically beneficial long-term results you experience from the profound shifts in your everyday habits.”
"Harness Your Habits" and the Sum SanosTM Fast Start Program

The same principles  and methodologies as our 12 month programs but delivered in a condensed style:- via 12 weekly 30 minutes coaching sessions, your own program guide and activity book

Buddy Up

Join us with a friend or family member for either program and save! Accountability: - a major component of all coaching programs!  Having a sustainable weight loss coach through Sum SanosTM, has been shown to double the weight loss outcomes i.e. it can be even better with a Buddy!

Corporate and Group programs:  Habitual Action Creates Culture!

Evidence suggests that habit-change occurs when we set both the right and achievable goals, maintain consistency and stay accountable. 

Working in groups often increases compliance – why not gather your own peer group and transform your workplace, family or community?

"Discreet and personal coaching without having to attend a public group, weigh-in or join a gym - and you are not required to subscribe to restrictive diets, shakes or supplements."

Sum Sanos™ in the Press

Dr Gina Cleo, Academic Director at Sum Sanos presenting her research findings into Habit Based Interventions and long-term weight management.

Dr. Gina Cleo presenting to the ABC about her research into Habit Based Interventions and the development of the Sum Sanos program. Featuring Sum Sanos coaches, a Sum Sanos client and an eminent Cardiologist. 


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