Is your life feeling out of control?

Do you long for a sense of

purpose and fulfillment?

What are you struggling with? 
What do you want to change or do better in your life?
  • Raise your fitness level?
  • Shed kilos and keep them off?
  • Improve your work-life harmony?
  • Make more time for family and friends?
  • Improve your relationships - especially those intimate ones?
  • Get focussed, finish that study or start a new course?
  • Start that hobby, read that book?
  • Get back on your bike, tidy the garden or limit your social media time…?
Whatever you crave or miss in your life, you can have it!
Using the latest evidence-based Habit Change methodology and Meraki Mindset tools, you can stop procrastinating, regain control, reclaim your mojo, and rediscover Your Best You!
  • Learn how to work out your why, what, and when to work on. 
  • Learn how to implement 'WAIT' and still make things happen! 
  • Learn how to Harness your Habits, get out of your own way, and re-discover Your Best You.
  • Learn easy to apply skills that you will be able to adapt over and over again and importantly share; at work, with family, and for the good of your community.
Imagine going from:- 
Chaos to Calm, Worn Out to Wonderful, or even
Listless to Loved Up in a matter of weeks!   
Regain your mojo and tick off your 'woulda, coulda, shouldas'!
What is stopping you?

​Just by Clicking NOW and following your curiosity, you will not only be helping yourself

but you will enable a child in Ethiopia to gain access to fresh clean drinking water.

Through our association with B1G1, clients who book a discovery call or join our programs

 to help themselves are enabling us to help others! 

We contribute to high-impact projects enabling and educating young women and children in need...

                 We're paying positive impacts forward, one habit at a time!

Meet Julie


Julie is a Senior Habit Change Practitioner and Meraki Mindset Coach who works with crazy busy and worn out women wanting to regain a sense of control, meaning, and purpose to their lives and those wanting to boost their intimate relationships and rediscover their mojo.


With over 30 years in corporate marketing, sponsorship, and international event management, leading multidisciplinary teams, across two continents, all whilst juggling 2 marriages, 3 children, 6 stepchildren, a huge extended family, and a catastrophically failed business, she knows all about surviving and thriving under pressure!

Julie learned from her father, a multi-world motorcycling champion, the results of a powerful habit of visualisation, passion for what you do, and tenacity. His amazing success story also comes with an amazing support story; provided by her mother, whose intuitive wisdom and positive mindset mantras are still the inspiration and powerhouse of their extended family around the world.

Julie has brought all that wonderful life experience together in Meraki Mindset: a suite of personalised life transformational programs to help you first define your purpose, then practice the power of your own mindset, harness and hone your habits and learn to overcome your fears, beat the overwhelm and rediscover your mojo and ultimately your best you! 

Outside of her passion for coaching and mentoring women, Julie loves pottering in the garden, splashing in the ocean, but only up to her knees!, cuddles with her grandchildren, music, and dancing (or, according to her partner what she does is called 'bopping'😉

She says her love of coaching might be a little selfish, and stems from a card she was given by one of her team years ago, which she's kept at her desk ever since it reads: -


“When we seek to discover the best in others it somehow brings out the best in ourselves”. 


Helping you to be Your Best You - is what drives and rewards her - and she cant wait to hear your story.

MerakiMindset Programs

Your Best You - Life Transformation

A personalised and structured 12-month program with monthly 1-hour coaching sessions and weekly ‘accountability’ calls in between. Includes your own step by step personal program guide.

You can stop procrastinating and become purposeful! 
Let's Reverse the Inertia!
The value of incorporating the science of Habit Change Intervention is in the statistically significant and beneficial long-term results you experience from the profound shifts in your everyday habits.”
Harness Your Habits

The same principles and methodologies as our 12-month programs but delivered in a condensed style:- via 12 weekly 30 minutes coaching sessions.

Buddy Up

If you're cautious or on a tight budget just now, you can give it a try and join us with a friend or family member for either program and save $$ at the same time!

Accountability is the magic component of all coaching programs! 

Having a personal coach has been shown to double your potential for success in reaching your personal goals i.e. it can be even better with a Buddy!

Corporate programs: 
Habitual Action Creates Culture!

Evidence suggests that habit-change occurs when we set both the right and achievable goals, maintain consistency and stay accountable. 

Working in groups often increases compliance – why not gather your own peer group and transform your workplace, family or community?

One-to-one coaching guarantees you a personalised and discreet journey.

Our one-to-one sessions (Phone or Zoom), ensure we pace through to suit your timetable, but with accountability and support to keep you firmly on track. If weight-loss is your goal just think- there's no need to attend a public group, weigh-in, or join a gym, and I'll never prescribe a restrictive diet or exercise regimen either!


Thank you so much Julie, I know I probably haven't been your easiest client but  I've really appreciated your support and guidance over the past few months. My whole family has commented on how much happier I seem to be and I know now I can set my mind on something and go back to my notes and make it happen using the steps. Thank you again - all the very best.   

Anita M. Brisbane


Thank you Julie I honestly didn't expect to feel so different so quick ... Our first session was quite a breakthrough in itself and now I know how to break things down into little habits I keep thinking of more things to change!  I'm going to miss you! 

Amy W. Currumbin


I worked with Julie in her corporate role at Diabetes Australia. Julie is motivational, inspirational, and conversational! She's one of those people who just gets things done, whether it's in an independent role in her own business or while leading a team of like-minded professionals. There is nothing that Julie can't achieve for herself or others when the opportunity presents itself. Over the years, I have also come to know her personally and have seen her rise from adversity to become the winner in some truly life challenging situations. I wouldn't hesitate to endorse Julie as a life coach, and an inspirational life manager, she will drive you to become the best version of yourself.

Niki Dowding: Marketing, Community Engagement, and Communications Consultant



I've known Julie for over 30 years, we worked together back in the day on world-class events such as international conferences, movie premiers and championship sporting events. She always led a large team with enthusiasm and was beyond reproach; her vision and attention to detail ensured events were flawless. She encouraged and supported us to go above and beyond our client's expectations, and as a result, we shared in repeated industry Awards. As a coach and mentor, she is without equal. I would highly recommend Julie as a team coach or if you want to see how life's challenges can be kicked in the proverbial she's a great mentor!

John White. Freelance Photographer.


Contact Julie


+61 (0)404 868 923‬


 11 Grant Avenue, Hope Island QLD, 4212