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Improve your relationships, especially those intimate ones!

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Chaos to Calm


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Listless to Loved Up

Whatever you crave or miss in your life,



You can stop procrastinating, regain control, reclaim your mojo and get 'your old self back! 

This time you can finally make it happen.  With thoughtful evidence-based coaching,  you can change behaviours you know are not serving you well.  Proven habit change methodology, beautifully considered neuroscience and Meraki Mindset principles are blended around your specific needs.  Then - best of all they are gently and systematically delivered to ensure your efforts will be sustainable!

Imagine being guided through easy to follow step by step programs to:-​


βœ” Learn how to work out your why, what, and when to work on. 


βœ” Learn how to implement 'WAIT' and still make things happen! 


βœ” Learn how to Harness and Hone Happy Healthy Habits, in a sustainable way.


βœ” Learn easy to apply skills that you will be able to adapt over and over again and importantly share; at work, with family, or your community.

Whatever is on your 'To Do' list, you can tick it off; Changing one tiny habit at a time!


Making sustainable progress or changes around your health, career or life in general, is a bit like climbing a mountain:-  you need to take small steps, consistently.  It's NOT about giant leaps or intense quick fixes, we both know they don't last! 

There is a process and its called Habit Change Intervention, it relies on research and evidence and it includes and reflects on sound psychological and considered neuroscience principles and practice.

Of course, you can read a book and Google it, but will you follow through on those tiny habits?

Are you ready to make those changes - permanently?

Julie holds space for you and keeps you accountable, whilst you learn:- How to work out your why, what and when to work on and learn how to W.A.I.T. and still make things happen and Harness Your Habits. You'll soon realise you can apply the methodology in all areas of your life; share it at work, with your family and for the good of your community.

Imagine going from CHAOS to CALM, WORN OUT to WONDERFUL, or LISTLESS to LOVED UP in a matter of weeks!

Meraki Mindset


With guidance and caring support, you can give that old mindset the flick, stop procrastinating, reclaim your self-confidence and find your Meraki!


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Habit Change


With evidence based methodology, not only do you get great results but they’re sustainable! You learn skills to last a lifetime!


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Bobbie-Lee Ryder, 

Gold Coast March 2021

Julie I want to thank you with all my heart.
I’m so happy with my results and how I am feeling about myself.
I will continue this journey you have supported me on
Thank you Julie πŸ™Œ
Thank you so much Julie, I know I probably haven't been your easiest client but  I've really appreciated your support and guidance over the past few months. My whole family has commented on how much happier I am and I know now I can set my mind on something and make it happen using the steps. Thank you again - all the very best.   

Anita M. Brisbane


Amy W. Currumbin


Thank you Julie I honestly didn't expect to feel so different so quick ... Our first session was quite a breakthrough in itself and now I know how to break things down into tiny habits I keep thinking of more things to change!  I'm going to miss you! 

"My food is no longer a mind consuming issue, I'm exercising more for the way it makes my body feel and this is now ingrained in my morning routine.  I feel like these things are now habits and so with consistency that my weight will continue to follow."

“My mental health is great and I feel a sense of freedom that I haven't felt in a long time because I now have a formula to approaching the "problems". 

“Above all of that, forming the above habits and removing the mind clutter has allowed me to connect with my family and really shifted our home life.”   Thank you so much for all your support and for making me be kind to myself(still a work in progress).;)x

Kel.A Marketing and Community Engagement Manager. N.S.W.

June 2021

Hello! I'm excited to find out what brought you here! ​I am a Senior Habit Change Coach and Meraki Mindset Practitioner. I work with crazy busy and worn-out women wanting to regain a sense of control, meaning, and purpose in their lives and those wanting to boost their intimate relationships and rediscover their mojo.


Read more about my story!

Harness Your Habits

Our flagship and most popular supercharged program all about YOU!

​It includes proven psychology-based habit change methodology and Meraki Mindset tools.

We start with an in-depth "Dig & Discover" session, where we work out what your unique priorities are. We map out your individual program and set up our weekly zoom sessions to fit in with your lifestyle.

All program resources and learning modules are available via your own secure login and come with bonus downloadable PDFs to aid your success.

Places for Harness Your Habits are limited to 10 individuals per month. 

Currently, there are limited available spaces until mid-July 2022.   

Please contact Julie direct for more information.


To pre-register NOW Click here...

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​We contribute to high-impact projects empowering and educating young women and children in need. e.g. Helping to provide training and micro-loans to women so they can provide a living for themselves and their families in underprivileged communities in Kenya, The Philippines, India and Vietnam...
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